Serious Gaming App

Trash Fighter

Partner: Anna Rohner, Valentina Boscolo, Raphael Loder
Year: 2014

Trash Fighter is an app concept that helps children learn about garbage separation. The main goal is to understand the negative effects of trash on the environment, how to avoid this and last but not least to have fun! It’s a digital solution, providing analog ideas to be more ecological. The digital game box motivates children to develop good habits from a young age.
Character Design

The apps interface is based on very flexible, loveable characters that accompaniy users as they journey through the app. The appearance of the characters changes throughout the experience, reflecting the user’s progress. The user interacts with and as the character.
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Please note: On this project my role was Creative Concepter, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. If you have any questions about the workflow, challenges or insights about this project, please get in touch.
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