City of Graz Marathon

Medal Concept

Year: 2014
Partner: Kleine Zeitung

The Graz Marathon (full name "Kleine Zeitung Graz Marathon") is a marathon that takes place annually in Graz, Austria. Each competitor gets a medal after finishing the official 42,195 km track, which were about 678 people in 2017. 

To reduce waste and to produce something that would suit Graz (Capital of Styria, which is considered the green heart of Austria) I came up with a new medal design inspired by the famous "Steirische Eiche"/"Styrian Oak". I suggest a wooden medal that is threaded with printed shoe laces. 
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Please note: On this project my role was Creative Concepter, and Product Designer. If you have any questions about the workflow, challenges or insights about this project, please get in touch.
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